About Us

Dynamic Daylilies is a leader in the development and cultivation of new and unique daylilies. We began hybridizing daylilies in 1995. Many of our current seedlings are 7th and 8th generation. By crossing older varieties with new ones we have succeeded in cultivating large brightly-coloured flowers that will withstand the climate in Canada. In 2007, we moved three gardens from Mississauga to a half-acre in Lowbanks. We did not use pesticides or fertilizer at Lowbanks and rarely watered the gardens. We expanded to our Beamsville location in 2013 and a hobby became a business. Our new garden location is both accessible and beautiful. Our goal is to create daylilies that are sufficiently hardy for all types of growing conditions. The use of pesticides is stringently monitored and we are equipped to handle watering through dryer times in the summer. We began adding mulch to the gardens in 2016. This helps to fertilize the plants and reduce the weeds, but should not be necessary for most home gardens. We don't sell plants that need pampering! Many plants purchased from southern hybridizers do very poorly in Canadian gardens but ours thrive. If you care for your plants, then they will produce larger flowers and more buds. 


Many of our plants propagate slowly, due to the climate in Niagara. We have tried to use tissue culture to speed the process. The tissue culture plants are usually somewhat different from the originals, and the production of 100 tissue culture plants still takes about three years, so it is not necessarily cost effective. We are still developing other ways to propagate daylilies more rapidly in Canada. Our philosophy is that tissue culture used to help produce small limited numbers of daylilies is useful for northern hybridizers and, properly controlled, will not negatively impact the market for our plants. We will not do more than 100 for any plant, and will only do plants for the original hybridizer. For more information on Limited Edition Tissue Culture services we have available, please see our web pages at www.gemination.com.