Here you can view our latest 2023 introductions. Unfortunately stock is extremely limited on these plants. If sold out, please contact us directly if you wish to make a purchase next year. 

The following 2022 photographs are of new seedlings that aren't available for purchase yet, but they can give you a good idea of what's to come.




2023 Introductions

  • Burgener Double

  • WC4 0.25A

  • Blotchy

  • WC4 2.75B

  • J15 5.0B

  • J7 9.25A

  • J2 6.25C

  • WC6 0.5D

  • WC6 2.25C

  • WC8 1.25D

  • WC8 2.5D

  • WC8 2.25C

  • WC8 6.5D - Sam X John Basili

  • WC9 2.25A

  • WC9 7.5A